Company Name : KIKUCHI KOGYO CO., LTD.
Founded in : 1837
Incorporated in : 1950
Head Office : 3315 Sumiyoshi, Yoshida-Cho, Haibara-Gun, Shizuoka 421-0301, Japan
Telephone No. : +81-548-32-3223
Fax No. : +81-548-32-6088
Banks :

Shoko Chukin Bank, Shizuoka Bank, Kiraboshi Bank, MUFG Bank and JA Bank-SHIZUOKA
Capital Stock : JPY\ 80 Million
Sales : JPY\ 2,307 Million (Results for the Year 2019)
Goods to Sell : Seat Belt Webbing
Industrial Material Belts
Civil Engineering Material Belts
Construction Material Belts
Belts for Daily Goods
Logistic Material Belts
Agricultural Material Belts
Security/Safety Material Belts
Processing Machines for Fiber Products
Production capacity : 40 million Meters/Year of Seat Belt Webbing, and
10 million Meters/Year of Industrial Belts
Employees : 90
Main Facilities : Land : 14,000 square meters,
Buildings : 16,000 square meters,

  Needle Looms Tensile Testers
  Electronic Dobby Needle Looms Automatic Inspection Machines
  Jacquard Needle Looms Automatic Cutting Machines
  Shuttle Looms Ultrasonic Perforating Machines
  Shuttle Looms for Extra-Heavy Fabric Automatic Laser Cutters
  Continuous Dyeing Machines Automatic Roll-Winding Machines
  Dyeing Testing Machine Automatic Sewing Machines
  Testers for Light/ Heat/ Coldness-Resistance Boiler Facilities 
  Color-Fastness Testers Heavy Oil / LPG Facilities
  Various Abrasion Testers Waste Water Treatment Facilities

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