The history of KIKUCHI KOGYO has started in 1837 when Risuke Kunoya founded his business on linen and silk yarns in the city of Edo, current Tokyo. Since then, for the period of 165 years, we have developed the Japanese traditional art for laces and tapes into the current technologies for narrow fabric.

Our seat belt webbing for autos has a 25% share in Japanese market, receiving a very high valuation from car-makers in Japan. And many kinds of our industrial belts have been used in various fields.

We have some high-performance production machines developed by ourselves, as well as the latest production technologies for narrow fabric. Acquired ISO 9001, the international quality standard, and utilizing our unique production technologies, we have been able to supply highly qualified goods to the world market stably and cost-effectively.

Providing goods with the outstanding quality satisfied by customers under the best conditions, which is realized by KIKUCHI KOGYO, the leading company for narrow fabric.

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