(Photo-A): "Eye Splicing" operation

(Photo-B): Comparison of "Eye Splicing" with "ROPBELT" sewing

(Photo-C): Sewing example on "ROPBELT"


KIKUCHI "ROPBELT" is a narrow fabric woven by the special technology, and composed of three sections as described in the following sketch as;

  1. Textile having a circular cross section like a rope or a braided cord,

  2. Textile whose cross section is the same as the one for the normal flat belt, and

  3. Textile tapering the width for connecting the round and the flat cross section parts.

Special Features:

Using KIKUCHI "ROPBELT", you can take the simpler measures of using an automatic sewing machine for its end joint (see Photo-B) comparing with the "Eye Splicing" operation requiring much skillful manual work and labor at the end of the rope or the braided cord (see Photo-A) which has been the biggest problem for using those cords.

After passing the flat part at the end of KIKUCHI "ROPBELT" through the end-filling hole, you may simply sew the belts together similar to the normal belt sewing so that the conventional "Eye Splicing" operation conducted manually could be eliminated (see Photo-C).

KIKUCHI "ROPBELT" possesses the higher strength than the rope with the same diameter has.


Changing the rope part of the various harnesses to KIKUCHI "ROPBELT", the productivity of the harness assembling will be improved dramatically.

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