•Fashionable Webbing

This webbing is very chic and smart showing its indescribable and mysterious existence. It also contains nonrestricted amusement hidden in its attractive designs.


Using the latest computer-operated Jacquard Loom, its design is expressed only by ups and downs of warp. When a combination of white yarn with the colored ones is used, this webbing can be made much more attractive and fashionable.

Special Features:

  1. The design composed of ups and downs of warp gives the webbing very chic and luxury atmosphere somehow different from conventional one.

  2. The design pattern of the webbing is looked differently according to the looking angles or the reflection of light.

  3. Even if it is the same fabric, the color to be dyed on later varies the atmosphere of the webbing in not only the pure and unique but also the quiet and matured.

  4. According to the computer-operated measures to design the pattern, a variety of design can be adopted into its pattern freely.

  5. The elongation and/or tenacity of the webbing can be designed freely.

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