Low Friction Webbing

Low Friction Webbing gives lower oppression on a user at its application by applying special treatment agents on the webbing surface, which makes the webbing run more smoothly in both drawing out and retracting.

Furthermore, its rigidity is reduced in both length- and widthwise directions, which resulted in the webbing in soft and tender to the touch.


The polyester yarns with high-tenacity are used as the entire warp for the webbing.

The webbing design is different at the center section from the one at both edges, which makes the webbing rigidity lower in its widthwise direction.

Special Features:

  1. The smooth drawing and retracting of the webbing were realized at its application because of the lower abrasion level between its surface and the D-ring according to the combination of some special surface-treatment agents.  The improved smoothness of the webbing surface has turned out to make the oppression less to be provided on the user at applying the webbing.
  2. The rigidity in both length- and widthwise directions is reduced by processing the webbing with special surface-treatment agents, which makes the webbing in soft feeling.
  3. Low Friction Webbing has excellent durability, so that it can maintain its smooth drawing and/or retracting for a long period of time.

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