•Rukaflex Webbing

The Rukaflex Webbing was developed by Elastic Berger in Germany, having the structure of round and soft edges in completely symmetry. These round and soft edges give comfortable feeling to the occupants at touching, and protect them softly.


All the warp used are composed of fine filament of yarn each of which was applied twists produced through our epoch-making technologies. As the weft, both mono- and multifilament yarns are woven into the webbing, while multifilament yarn is only used as the weft for both edges, so that the selvages are made softly but tenaciously.

Special Features:

  1. Having the high level of rigidity for the widthwise direction, it offers effective restriction against jamming of the webbing under dynamic conditions.
  2. It also offers efficiency of preventing the webbing from being reversed at such positions as through-rings or through-tongues when the seat belt is put on and taken off.
  3. Due to the twisting yarn process applied on all the warp, this webbing shows the outstanding level of abrasion-resistance and durability.
  4. Without harming any clothes of the occupants during the daily use of seat belt, the round and soft edges protect the occupants softly in case of an accident.
  5. The round and soft edges are composed of selvage yarns applied with the special processing which offers tenacious resistances against dynamic and static loading of the webbing, so that they prevent the selvage parts from breaking faster than the body part of the webbing, and the tenacity originally obtained by the webbing can be used fully and effectively.
  6. The elongation and/or tenacity of the webbing can be designed freely.

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