•Normal Webbing

Putting emphasis on improvement of its abrasion resistance and durability, this is our standard webbing challenged to its "inexpensive" price which is the requirement of the time.
It has an advanced structure which assures you stable reliability and higher satisfaction.


All the warp used are composed of fine filament yarn each of which was applied twists produced through our epoch-making technologies.

Special Features:

  1. Due to the twisting yarn process applied on all the warp, this webbing shows the outstanding level of abrasion-resistance and durability.

  2. You have an option to weave some antistatic fibers into the webbing, so that it prevents dirt or dust from sticking onto the outfit of occupant, or the corresponding through-ring/through-tongue.

  3. The elongation and/or tenacity of the webbing can be designed freely, so that the most suitable levels of them are selectable for a vehicle on which the webbing is equipped.

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