•Normal Webbing

Putting emphasis on improvement of its abrasion resistance and durability, this is our standard webbing challenged to its "inexpensive" price which is the requirement of the time

•Ieperflex Webbing

Maintaining suitable hardness widthwise of the webbing, this webbing has sufficient flexibility lengthwise.

•Rukaflex Webbing

According to high weaving technologies, this webbing has symmetry constructions with a round edge on each side, so that it protects the occupants softly..

•Low Friction Webbing

This webbing is so featured as realizing the smooth and lighter touch of drawing out of the seat belt, and the highly-durable retracting functions by keeping the abrasion rate lower with metals and/or plastics.

•Fashionable Webbing

Maintaining such characteristics as the conventional webbing has, this kind of webbing is very chic and smart indicating inexpressible and mysterious existence.

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