The biggest feature of our dyeing process is our original dyeing system developed by KIKUCHI.
A piece of webbing runs spirally through each unit of our Continuous Dyeing Range, so that the running speed is much faster, the productivity is much higher, and the quality is much stabilized comparing with the corresponding ones from the conventional and standard continuous dyeing machine in which some pieces of webbing run in parallel. This system called KIKUCHI Spiral-Running Continuous Dyeing Range has been patented in various countries in the world.

KIKUCHI Spiral-Running Continuous Dyeing Range

Washing Units
Special Features for KIKUCHI Spiral Dyeing System
Developed mainly for seat belt webbing, this Continuous Dyeing System is suitable for dyeing any narrow fabric made of polyester yarn. This Dyeing System is the concentrated result of our experience, ideas and knowhow obtained from our 40-year of narrow fabric production mainly seat belt webbing.

Our technology patented in many countries of the world is used in various positions of this System.

The most important feature of this System is that one piece of webbing runs spirally in high speed through this Dyeing System, so that keeping the similar productivity with the one for the conventional dyeing machine, it can minimize such faults as color difference between the running lines of the webbing, unstable elongation, etc. which tend to occur in the dyeing system with plural webbing running in parallel.

Difference on the Color Fixing Process for Seat Belt Webbing

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